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I visited Mike to seek his expertise on reducing neck and upper back discomfort on my road bike and also to review my mountain bike setup.

I found Mike from an online search where he had accrued glowing recommendations across the internet from people who had travelled from near and far to see him – I can now see why!

Mikes professionalism, expert knowledge, thoroughness and desire to “work the problem” was immediately obvious and straight away gave me a re-assuring sense of having found the right person to help me.

The process of making detailed measurements and then applying corrective component changes is steered very tightly by Mike, his friendly but super detailed instructions and commentary are an education in themselves and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his service.

Mike values his customers and invests into them and that’s a level of customer service often missing today – his service is worth every penny and I will keep using him.

I was looking at buying a new bike and Mike helped me to find one that was the best fit and then did the necessary tweaks afterwards. He also adjusted my old bike that now rides so much better, it has made such a difference!

I would definitely recommend Mike to any novice or keen amateur to make sure they are set up correctly from the get go. I was riding for three years on an old set up and wish I had done this from day 1.

I visited Mike (along side my brother) as aspiring Iron Men Competitors, with no background in Triathlon or long distance events.

We booked in for the Pre and Post fitting packages, Mike did everything he could to put our appointments back to back.

We turned up with no clue about bikes, cycling or even about triathlons. Mike was super professional and helpful but also very approachable and friendly. He answered all our questions, no matter how naive. He even gave us advice on Cycling, Tri events and recommended training articles.

Mike helped us find our bikes in stock so we could quickly get them ordered.

We took our bikes back and had them fitted to us with again more advice.

My brother and I have both loved going out on our bikes and couldn't fault the fit or the service. It's amazing what difference a proper fitting makes.

A well worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to spend time on a bike.

Mike was brilliant at listening to my cycling goals for the year ahead and fitting me accordingly. Having never had a bike fit before, my base riding position was established and then built on from there - This was replicated on both my racing and training bike with a near enough identical match. Having found out I had been riding the wrong type of saddle for years, Mike ran through multiple options with rider feedback being given over a number of weeks, until the fit was dialled in. I have since raced and ridden 1000's of miles since without issue. Both bikes were fitted within the same day and Mike ordered different saddles over the course of the month to support my saddle adjustment. I couldn't recommend Mike highly enough. The fit has allowed me to establish my baseline which I have built on, which I believe has been a significant contributing factor to the success I have achieved in my first year of racing!

As a man in his 50's I wanted to ensure the 2nd hand Pinarello I had bought was set up properly for me with a priority for comfort and injury prevention.

Mike was recommended by a number of cyclists so booked a session.

In a couple of hours he had "dialed in" all the adjustable elements (replacing the saddle and bar stem, adjusting the angle and rake of the bars and position of the seat) and the bike was optimised for my tall frame.

The first Ride was instantly more comfortable and was able to transfer the power through the bike more efficiently and to date no cycle related injuries.

I returned a few weeks later to have clip on Tri-Bars fitted (after Mike recommended a suitable pair) and I'm now comfortable doing Duathlons and spending long hours in the saddle.

Money Well Spent - Thank you Mike

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