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Customer Feedback

This was my second visit to Velomotion and the service was excellent again. Mike is professional yet friendly at the same time. He takes his time and he is very thorough and methodical. He has so much valuable knowledge and expertise to offer in many areas of cycling. I always trust Mike to do the right thing and I find his advice invaluable. I like to run any changes I want to make to my bike set-ups past Mike as I know he knows best! I thoroughly recommend a trip to Velomotion to anyone who hasn’t had a bike fit, or would like to find out if their current set-up is optimal. Every millimetre counts!

I booked in with Mike after receiving a ton of recommendations from triathletes and road riders.

I bought a TT bike online and had it set up basically by my local bike shop to get it up and running. Prior to visiting Velomotion, it was uncomfortable, hard to control and I felt extremely constricted, leaving me reluctant to ride.

The session with Mike was extremely comprehensive - he goes through absolutely everything, using the technology available combined with his own extensive experience to create an individual position for you that fits your strength, flexibility and riding aims, rather than following the textbook or generations of wives' tales.

Within a couple of rides on the road, the bike now feels at least as comfortable as my road bike and I genuinely feel able to put out the most power I can for long periods of time.

Fitting a bike with Mike is possibly the best value for money purchase I've made as a rider - particularly with a specialist setup like a TT bike - and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering a new bike or looking to get the most from their current ride.

Mike was recommended to me by my brother having had a bike fit that helped him compete in Kona. Best money he’d spent on the bike he said and he wasn’t wrong.

I’m as new to cycling as it gets and it shows! Mike’s patience explaining the terminology and jargon both before, during and after the fit was outstanding. I bought a bike on Mike’s recommendations and it hasn’t disappointed. He spent ages setting it up and tweaking here and there until it was as right as possible, including swapping some of the components to help the fit. I haven’t experienced any of the pain which many associate with extended periods in the aero position and most importantly I enjoy riding it.

All in all a must do and I can highly recommend Mike and Velomotion.

Velomotion was recommended to me by another athlete after having continual back pain when riding my bike. Mike spent hours sorting out my positioning on my winter bike and my back pain was no longer an issue. Mike also took time discussing suitable options for a new race bike purchase.

Thanks to Mike, I now have two bikes set up exactly the same making training and racing on both of them seamless. The work from Mike has allowed me to stay within lead packs in Elite Triathlon races, while also providing no compromise to my running performance. This has helped me gain European Triathlon Cup selections this year and I would recommend Velomotion to anyone looking for that edge to their performance.

Thanks to Mike he has made my bike feel like new! Whilst i had a bike fit when i purchased my bike, it was not as comprehensive as the process Mike went through.

Mike was willing to spend time making minute adjustments to my ride position. This included making adjustments, then going back to the original position, before trying new positional settings.

Following the fit, the bike feels more comfortable and my riding position has changed for the better. I now feel stronger and more confident as a result.

Mike is extremely professional, and understands the cyclist needs. In all aspects he is careful not to make adjustments that will create a potential long term problem.

i would highly recommend!

Thanks Mike.

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