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Customer Feedback

Mike was recommended to me by a family member.

Didn't know how much difference a professional setup would make but after Mike was done the difference was night and day. He's setup a couple of my bikes now.

Mike's friendly, professional, and really knows his stuff. Worth every penny.

Going for your first pro bike fit can be a pretty daunting experience, even when lots of friends and club members tell you to invest in the best. Talking through with Mike beforehand about what I wanted and my current cycling followed by a welcome on the day soon put me at ease.

Mike soon identified many changes to make and said not all of them would be sensible to do at once so set some priorities. After well more than two hours I went away with a trial saddle and plan to ride for a few weeks and return.

Immediately the difference was obvious and Mike kept in regular contact, the followup visit to tweak and complete showed how much more stable and locked in my position was after only a month.

Totally recommend Mike.

A sore knee prompted my visit to Mike. Mike went through the bike fit process carefully and adjusted the bike. Within 2 weeks the knee issue was completely gone and hasn't returned - I write this maybe 4 years later.

I was sceptical about how much difference a bike fitting would make, but how wrong I was! It's amazing the difference when it is setup correctly for you.

Mike spends time understanding you and how you ride your bikes and shows you how your position needs to change.

I have recommended Mike to all members of my club

I had been time trialling in roughly the same poisition for 8 years. Mike made some significant changes at the start of 2019. It massively improved my comfort and speed enabling me to break several PBs. Most impressively I was able to comfortably ride in the TT position for the whole of the national 12 hour champs!

I fully recommend Mike and will be booking a fit for another bike soon.

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