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I've been riding on the road for about 10 years but have never had a professional bike fit. I increased the distance I was riding in 2017 and thought I might benefit from checking I had the right riding position. Mike looked at my complete set up and made some significant changes which have really improved my times. I'd thoroughly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to get more out of their riding.

I came to Velomotion after buying a new road bike. Although I transferred the fit as best I could to my new bike, I started to develop some niggling leg injuries on longer rides. Mike was great at sorting out my fit and resolving the root cause of the injuries. Since the fit I have had no problems and been both comfortable on my new bike and able to sustain a more aerodynamic position. I couldn’t recommend Mike and Velomotion enough. Indeed, after my fit I used Mike again to get a fit for my girlfriend so she could buy a suitable road bike. Mike provided a great service for both the bike selection and the final fit after its purchase. This undoubtedly saved money as my girlfriend needed a bike based on male geometry rather than female, due to her long leg length

I had been suffering from general discomfort for a while on my road bike and no amount of tweaking I did was working. I was advised to get a proper bike fit and that Mike was the man for the job. Mike offered a lot of advise during my time with him all of which I'm happy to say I took note of and implemented. After my session, I was able to train for and ride my first century - something I was not feeling optimistic about beforehand.

I couldn't recommend Mike highly enough. Well worth a visit for any cycling enthusiast.

I went to a rehab centre after struggling with pain for months on my bike. After riding for only 10 mins or less, my left thigh would ache as though I was constantly hill climbing on the bike. The rehab centre identified a couple of issues and I decided to get a bike fit done as well to cover all bases. I asked around amongst several keen cyclist friends, and all, without fail, recommended Mike Smith at Velomotion. I went to see Mike along with another friend and the whole experience from start to finish was amazing. We had an evening slot - which meant no time off work - followed by an assessment. Having discussed the issues with my thigh, and learning in the process that Mike is also a sports therapist, as well as how I felt generally riding, Mike looked at the whole bike set up, made several changes which we tried out - together with advice as simple as making sure I kept my heel down when pedalling - and I left with a new saddle to test out and an assurance that if I didn't feel totally happy after a couple of weeks with the new set up, I could pop back and make more changes. It was obvious after a few minutes conversation that Mike was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and happy to explain changes in a way that made sense to me, as well as answer all my daft questions. I would, and have recommended Mike to others and will continue to do so.

As engineers both recently into road cycling and having bought our first road bikes, the idea of getting professionally fitted was logical and appealing but ultimately optional. Now having visited Mike with four separate bikes and having gained a lot from each visit, a professional fit with Mike is now more a fundamental and something we would factor into any future bike purchase having proven to be well worth the spend on each occasion.

Mike himself is a genuine expert in all things cycling, racing and bike fitting, and his knowledge and experience of providing fits for beginners such as us through to racers and pros really bore out during each of our fits – where, from the moment we walked through the door, it was clear that his mind was calculating; analysing us and our bikes as part of a clear and professional focus on providing us the perfect fit.

This calculation, attention to detail, precision and focus continued throughout the Retul fit process which itself was both fascinating and enjoyable - covering all aspects from fundamentals such as saddle height and stem length down to details such as hood position and lever reach. On that evidence Mike must surely be one of - if not *the* best experienced Retul fitters in the country and also best equipped, with the studio, Retul setup and supporting kit professional in the true sense of the word. Mike’s work of course went beyond the bike itself, with him providing advice on body position that has become part of mindset now while out on the road, and he even gave us some top advice for cycling in Mallorca! Mike also provided excellent knowledge and advice towards options for a new bike purchase.

Going into the fit process we were apprehensive that bike component changes would likely be required, but again Mike excelled here having firstly a huge stock of components available to fit on the day, and beyond that an excellent knowledge of options on the market that would provide us the perfect fit. Mike even then kindly lent us temporary components to test to check the fit (again part of his professional and perfectionist approach) before we ordered the perfect components on his advice. This flexibility and desire to provide a quality service was also provided through an accommodating approach to appointments and follow-up fits and to advice afterwards

Finally, and most importantly, the difference post-fit was notable – evidenced by the before and after photos and analysis in the fit report, and in the feel and comfort on the bike, and even tangible in ride speed!

So, go ahead, get your bike fit right through Mike at Velomotion, it’s worth every penny!

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