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Riding and racing for 20 years, I have had several bike fits, mainly when I purchased a new bike.

At the start of 2017 I purchased a new road bike which came with a free fit, however within a few months i knew it wasn't right. Mike came highly recommended and from the beginning it was easy to see why. Nothing was to much trouble for Mike and he was able to explain the technicalities in easy to understand terms.

Mike worked through both my MTB and Road bikes systematically helping me to understand why we had made that change and its benefits.

Mikes breadth of knowledge enables him to instantly recognise different saddle shapes, pedal systems and shoe fittings amongst others, which eases the fitting process.

I have now raced on both the MTB and Road bikes with much more comfort, improved handling ability and much better results.

Mike easily surpassed all my previous bike fits, due to his enthusiasm and professionalism.


I went to see Mike at Velomotion at the beginning of this year as I had never had a bike fit since I starting riding in 2014, genuinely the best thing I did for my riding. Mike was very thorough, using the time wisely. I injured my back in January this year and he took that in to consideration when doing the fit too. I am now very comfortable on the bike both in training and racing. I feel much stronger on the bike this year and I believe the bike fit at Velomotion is a big part of that.

Thank you Velomotion, well worth the money and time. I would and do recommend to everyone who rides a bike! Even if you are just starting out it's worth getting it right from the beginning. I wish I went to see Mike sooner!

I had been road racing for 12 years before I finally decided to have a bike fit. I wish I had done it years ago! Mike absolutely knew what he was doing, and I could trust without hesitation his recommendations.

I had been racing all that time with my saddle 20mm too low. 20mm!! But after only a week or two my new position felt like second nature, and I am sure I can get more power out.

Thanks Mike - and if you’re considering having a bike fit, don’t hesitate.

I've had bike fits done my Mike on both my time trial (Giant Trinity) and road (Specialized Tarmac) bikes over the last year or so. On both occasions the problems I was having with numb hands and a sore lower back prior to visiting where eliminated almost immediately after the adjustments Mike made using the Retul system. I'm also much more comfortable in an aggressive / racing / aero position on both TT and road bike. Mike is very well respected locally due to his attention to detail and polite / humble approach to service. I strongly recommend investing in a bike fit, no matter what level you're at, as nobody needs to be riding a bike in discomfort. My wife has also visited Mike and he really took care of her comfort issues by allowing her to test multiple different saddles without committing until she found one she was happy with. His flexible approach and experience really is top notch.

Decided to upgrade my TT bike before the 2018 season and Mike at Velomotion was highly recommended to me. He didn't disappoint - he was very thorough and detail focused, yet pragmatic. Not only did he ensure I bought the right bike, but also adjusted my position for performance gains whilst remembering the need to be able to run off it. Was very impressed and grateful for all his time and I highly recommend Velomotion to cyclists of all abilities.

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