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As a novice to road cycling Mike was brilliant in properly adjusting and fitting my bike. I was impressed with the service and set-up and he has also been fab helping with a few post fit questions. I would recommend him totally.

Mike was very knowledgeable and corrected a few things which were obvious straight away as well as giving me a few tips for doing a long ride, as I had just signed up to 220 mile charity event.

Mike sent me a full report the same day which was invaluable as it had all the details of the adjustments we had made.

I would not hesitate to go back should I need any more help with my bike.

Having been challenged to do my first Triathlon in 2017, I first had to purchase a bike. Not riden since school, the first weeks were less than comfortable. Oh you need to do this and get this, buy some better shorts etc.. The challenger I was training with, on the recommendation of Oliver Jarvis, suggested we both go and get a bike fit from Velomotion.

With my little experience on bike setup, Mike provided patience and knowledge all in an extremely professional and comfortable environment. The first surprise was how many different amendments could be made on a bike including cleat position, slight adjustment of the hoods. The second was how sometimes very small adjustments can transform the way the bike and you feel. The Retul system utilising the latest technology make this possible.

The few hours spent with Mike has transformed the last 2500 miles of cycling, whether for pleasure or competitively, they have been fast and comfortable. With the next bike being discussed, a bike fit will without doubt be part of the package, and back to Velomotion we will go.

Have done, and will continue to recommend Mike and Velomotion.

Thanks to the dedication of Michael, Velomotion has produced a competitive bike position that has allowed me to compete at the highest level of elite national racing in triathlon. It has not only helped me on the bike but also on the run. The comfort for the bike leaves me in a much better state entering the run allowing for greater run times while racing.

Going to Velomotion has been the best decision I have made when trying to further improve my biking ability and I would recommend it to anyone who suspects they are being limited by their position. The system they use is so accurate and can be a reliable measure of how you move on the bike.

I have been to Mike about 4 times over the last 4 Years or so. Fitted around 4 bikes and fitted cleats etc. His knowledge is second to none and his attention to detail amazing. I think the fact that he himself is an accomplished rider helps too as I am far from PRO!! Also worth noting that Mike is more than happy to start early or finish late to suit work schedules, very accommodating. So fro me now any aches and pains are purely from efforts and age!! Thanks Mike see you soon.

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