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Customer Feedback

Mike fitted me for my new tri bike which I bought to train for and race Ironman Vichy.

While I am very happy with my position on my road bike when I came to setup my new tri bike it was clear that I needed help. I was very pleased with Mike's holistic approach; he considered my history, my background and my goals.

Following the bike fit I had many many hours of training in relative comfort and on race day I held my aero position for near enough the full bike split and ran out of T2 relaxed and comfortable.

Without Mike I think I would have found adjusting to my Tri bike both stressful and painful. I sure the time and money I spent with Mike was the best investment of my Ironman journey.

With draft legal age group races becoming the norm I decided to invest in a new bike but where to start? Recommended by a club member, Velomotion tested and reviewed my specific body shape and riding position and recommended 2 possible bikes with amendments. This allowed me to negotiate a great deal on a new bike with a bespoke set up at purchase. A complete bike fit check and shoe cleat adjustments afterwards has not only gained a perfect fit and comfort but major performance gains. Savings made on the new bike paid for the bike choice and bike fit and some. A win-win as they say leading to a win in 2019??

I started cycling a couple of years ago with an old bike from my brother - I soon caught the bug and upgraded to full carbon and joined the local bike club! I reached a point where I began some time trialling and longer rides/sportives and wanted to make some improvements to my performance.

I was aware of bike fitting but it took me a while to get around to it. I'm glad I did, following the session with Mike I've seen noticeable improvement in both comfort and my own performance.

Mike was recommended to me by a family friend. It was well worth the price and has helped me improve my cycling. Mike was very knowledgeable and friendly, he took the time to talk me through all of the various concepts and explained everything behind the measurements and results. Thanks very much!

I have had 2 bike fits with Mike @ Velomotion.

Firstly on my time trial bike in preparation for Ironman Triathlons. In Ironman it is critical to get off the bike ready and able to run.

I turned up expecting a saddle and bars adjustment based on how I looked position wise on my bike etc but this is not what Mike does.

Mike's aim is complete comfort and efficiency.

I was staggered by the level of detail and complexity of the Velomotion bike fit in order to make me as comfortable and efficient on the bike.

This coupled with the knowledge that Mike had - not only around cycling and fitting, but also around my specific bike - made the bike fit quite simply the best investment I made on my journey through Ironman.

In 2018 I purchased a new road bike and my first thought again was to get in and have a bike fit carried out at Velomotion.

Again Mike went to great lengths to establish what I was looking to achieve, how and where I would be riding etc and then set about making the adjustments and recommendations.

This bike was a very different bike from my previous road bike so i was expecting to maybe suffer some discomfort but as a result of this bike fit I not only had zero issues but also felt immediately at home and comfortable on the bike..

I would not hesitate to suggest Mike @ Velomotion for a bike fit. In fact I would go so far as to say that a Velomotion bike fit is the best investment you could make either when buying a new bike or to get you quicker / more comfortable on an existing bike.

Mike was recommended to me by another club member, having had a couple of bike fits with bike shops i found that after a few weeks of riding in TT position i really struggled to get comfortable.

I put this down to me just needed to grow a pair and battled on.

I then had a bike fit with Mike and he radically changed my position that not only felt good straight away but was able to hold for ironman distance with no problems.

I had bought a new bike and Mike spent time with me before the fit to make sure i was happy with the position, the saddle and the bars, a few changes were made.

I thought it sounded a lot of money for the bike fit but now i see how much goes into it. Mike spent more than the time he needed and it has completely changed my enjoyment of riding in that TT position.

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