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Customer Feedback

I have had a fit with Mike on several occasions . The first was to help me decide on the correct frame model and frame. Using the excellent equipment he helped me decide on a Canyon Aeroad which has fitted me perfectly after a follow-up fit with Mike.

Unfortunately I had a big crash at the end of the year and returned to Mike who managed to modify my fit to remove a lot of the pain I'd had since the crash.

His service is always excellent and comprehensive taking into account the type of riding you do, flexibility and on bike position, to create a fantastic fit which will probably make your riding more enjoyable.

Very helpful and reassuring to get advice on buying and setting up my first proper road bike.

After cycling for over 30 years it suddenly hit my body that I have not been set up well at all! It got to the point of not even being able to bike anymore due to the wrong type of pain. On recommendation from my brother, I visited Mike with my road bike and multiple body complaints. Mike not only did a thorough bike fit but also equipped me with other cycling tips that would and have indeed contributed to a far more comfortable ride and recovery. A couple of years later, I purchased a second road bike but this time I did not hesitate in taking it to Mike for fitting before I used it. Many changes with some so small on both bikes made a huge impact on making cycling possible. Fibromyalgia is my new contender but at least I am confident that my rides are perfect from a fit point of view and any body complaints are something Mike can't fix (or can you Mike) haha?

I have ridden for over 10 years but had noticed that as I got older I was experiencing some discomfort. When I purchased a new bike I went to see Mike. His analysis of the set up and adjustments meant that we were able to set up so that the bike was comfortable but still felt responsive and fast. Subsequent follow up has been superb and his vast knowledge means that the odd tweek can be made to make small adjustments. I would thoroughly recommend a visit; a long term and valuable investment!

Having bought my first TT bike at the start of the year in order to take triathlons a little more seriously I decided it would be money well spent to get a proper bike fit, having previously used a road bike with clip on bars. I decided to go with Mike having come across his website through researching Retul fitters & seeming to be very experienced from the site info. I was not disappointed.

Although slightly apprehensive that someone of my novice competitive level should need such a fit, Mike soon made me feel at ease & confident I was doing the right thing for future enjoyment & progression.

He actually fitted me on both my existing road bike & my new TT bike, being surprisingly knowledgeable about both. He fixed a few long standing comfort issues with my previously DIY fitted road bike and set me up with a comfortable but competitive aero position on the TT bike for the coming season & new experience of regular time trialing. Although mostly down to increasing fitness levels no doubt, I can honestly say that Mike has provided me with an excellent base point from which I have made impressive gains & improvements through-out the season culminating in my first 70.3 where on the bike leg I progressed 270 places passing much stronger overall competitors.

I am a happy man and shall be back to tweak my position further for the coming season. Mike cuts through all the twoddle you may read about and gets straight down to providing the customer with what they need, without trying to sell lots of add-ons to boot. Useful kit upgrade suggestions were also made within my budget, which further improved performances on both bikes. Highly recommended.

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