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Customer Feedback

I first visited Mike at Velomotion after getting several recommendations. I have now been to see Mike several times for bike fits, and more recently due to experiencing shoulder pain on long rides. Mike has always been incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to every small adjustment which could/needed to be made. Nothing is too much trouble and Mike is always willing to put the time and effort in to ensure the bike is more comfortable to ride. Since first visiting Mike, I have seen significant improvements in my riding position and comfort levels. I would strongly recommend Velomotion to anyone - whether this is for a general bike fit or whether there are specific things which may need investigation/adjustment.

I can’t recommend Mike and Velomotion enough. in fact I have done and they will also be heading to see him. Mike is a very knowledgeable man, the whole experience with him educated me and my riding has now become tenfold more enjoyable. I had a bike fit in Feb 20 for my road bike in training for IMUK 20 (now 2021) and will return when I progress to a TT bike. Thank you see you again next year.

A complete newbie to road cycling i greatly appreciated Mike taking the time and going into details around the fit. Being such a novice i had a million and one questions about cycling and most were not about the fit itself. However Mike was happy to answer and help guide me in the right direction. His experience and knowledge certainly has saved me lots of time, effort, money and almost certainly helped me avoid injury. I was originally hesitant on getting a professional bike fit due to the cost, but I am glad i did, it was a worthwhile investment– I’ve now completed dozens of rides, covering hundreds of miles without so much as a niggle.

I had some issues with my fit on my road bike which put me back a month and do I thought I would give Mike a visit and he see if he could help me. He solved them almost instantly on the physio bed with a mix of treatment and then some exercises for me to do as well as some adjustments to my fit. Unbelievably good and have since returned to get fitted on my TT/pursuit position and I am sure I will be back again soon. Super nice guy as well and it was a super enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Even though I saw Mike rather late in the evening, he didn’t rush the process at all and even managed to squeeze in a few key adjustments on a second bike. The whole experience has been a great help to my riding and its also taken a lot of the guess work out of component purchases and sizing. It’s super handy that he’s got such a big stock of stuff on site too. Mike’s a great guy and very easy to spend a few hours setting up my bike and chatting! I’m very happy with the experience and will be sure to bring any new purchases to him to get set up.

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