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Having maintained the same prices for the last four years, I am now increasing my charges as from 1st February 2020. The revised charges will be as follows: Single Bike Fit - £215 Double Bike Fit - £320 Pre Purchase Bike Fit - £275 Redial - £120.

Customer Feedback

Well I turned up for a bike fit 8 weeks before taking on the Mallorca 312 - Mike took on board my rather belated mission requirements. Having suffered for a long time with sore lower back, shoulders and sometimes saddle sores I needed all the help I could get. And help I got - thorough and careful bike fit that solved the issues, the saddle sores however remained a problem but with 3 weeks to go, Mike recommended and fitted me a new saddle and bingo - on the big day - 312km and 13 hours and 20 minutes later I had no pains or sores. I would recommend Mike to anyone cycling - his bike fit and advise went a long way to helping me achieve my goal. Thank you

I went to Mike for re-fit and fix my shoulder/neck pain.

Changes made by Mike were spot on and completed Mallorca 312 and Dulex revolution ultra rides successfully.

I would recommend Mike highly.

I was advised to go and see Mike from the cycling club, with my 2018 Propel. Although I was not having any pain issues I wanted to be more comfortable for sustained racing. After an assessment and watching me on my bike, suggestions were made and implemented. Throughout the season I got more confident on my bike and put more power out.

I am due for another assessment with Mike for the forthcoming season, so will be booking in again soon.

As a very tall rider, I found it very difficult to determine what was the most suitable frame size/geometry for my cycling needs when coming to upgrade my old bicycle. Mike was recommended to me by a friend who suggested a bike fit would be a wise investment for this. After being put through the bike fitting process and with the use of Mike’s fantastic knowledge and expertise, I was recommended suitable options for an upgrade.

In addition to this, Mike made some changes to my original set up which as a result, instantly got rid of some knee discomfort and improved my overall comfort on the bike.

I would have no trouble in recommending Mike to any cyclist, despite their experience or future aims.

I had been riding for a year before I visited Mike. The changes he made resulted in a significant improvement in comfort on the bike. I was able to tolerate more time on the saddle, numbness in hands was reduced and the occasional knee pain I suffered from has gone. Mike was helpful throughout. Nothing was too much trouble and I will not hesitate to contact him again if necessary. Would highly recommend Mike to anyone who rides regularly.

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