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Customer Feedback

Went on a recommendation and what a difference! Mike's knowledge and experience of cycling and cyclists is second to none. The bikes we choose based on his measurements have changed my riding completely. I make no boast here when I say probably 10-15% gains with the right choice and right fit! Thank you Mike.

The bike fit is the best upgrade I've made to my cycling.

Mike works meticulously and explains the fitting process in simple language. My improved position on the bike has translated to better performance and much more comfort.

During the analysis Mike identified a few things I do which can be improved. Now I'm conscious of these issues I'm able to correct for them when cycling.

The fitting process takes a little while but the time flies by as Mike is easy to chat with.

Highly recommended.

After years of racing and never really knowing if I was seated correctly on the bike, I thought it best to have an expert look at my position. Longer rides always left me with lower back pain and that niggling feeling that perhaps it was my position that needed adjustment.

Mike at Velomotion came recommended by a friend and with competitive prices, the multiple bike fitting option gave great value for money.

In retrospect, even though adjustments at each point of my position were small, they have made huge differences to my performance. The technology and skill used by Mike gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that actual science was being used by someone properly qualified to fit me correctly.

I would fully recommend bike fitting by Velomotion. The feedback received during fitting and my performance as a result are evidence enough. Thanks!

Just starting out with cycling and was not sure what bike would fit me best. During a session with Mike was able to ensure i had the correct set up, and try several different bike rides before going to purchase. Definitely helped me choose the correct bike for me.

Mike has fitted 3 bikes for me over the years and every time I have been really happy with the thorough service Mike provides and the fit that I got. Mike is very knowledgeable, he explains everything in detail and answers any questions. I have felt 100% confident in whatever he suggests with my fit. He is very accommodating and over email he discussed with me options when I was looking to buy a new bike earlier in the year. I live in Singapore and organised a short trip back to the UK specially so that I could get my new bike fitted with Mike!

I have completed several 70.3 and full ironman distances and always feel comfortable running straight off the bike, a lot of what I put down to Mike's perfect fit!

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone. Thanks Mike!

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