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Having maintained the same prices for the last four years, I am now increasing my charges as from 1st February 2020. The revised charges will be as follows: Single Bike Fit - £215 Double Bike Fit - £320 Pre Purchase Bike Fit - £275 Redial - £120.

Customer Feedback

Fantastic service to refit my tt bike. Identified problems immediately and offered a number of solutions. Now riding pain free and faster than ever. Highly recommended.

This was my first visit to Mike but, i'm very pleased with the results as he managed to cure my knee pain with a repositioning on the bike and a re-adjustment to my shoe cleats.

He also managed to ease the pain in the shoulder area, I would recommend Mike for any future bike fits as I felt it went to the next level.

My fit on my TT bike didn't feel right and I also got stiff shoulders and found it difficult to keep in the aero position so I decided to see Mike for a bike fit. His attention to detail to get the perfect position for me worked and I can highly recommend his services.

Mike helped me with my position when I bought a new TT bike. With more options available he helped me adopt a significantly more aerodynamic position without compromising power. The session was thorough and Mike's knowledge, experience (and enthusiasm) invaluable.

Mike was recommended by my coach and the recommendation was spot on.

I have always found bike fits useful, but this was the best I have experienced.

Highly recommended.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the fit I received from Mike. The adjustments have allowed me to improve and in more comfort.

Mike also pointed out some tips I need to be aware of reacting to my riding style which have also been helpful.

In addition, I hadn't considered that the person who 'fits' you is also let loose on your pride and joy.

It was clear that Mike is a professional bike mechanic so rest assured your bike is in good hands. If I need another fit, or re-fit, I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

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