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Best investment I've made full stop.

Been riding and racing for years and thought set up was pretty good, how wrong was i, after a sceptical visit to Velomotion with Mike, advice was obtained on which TT Bike would suit my body type and size, once obtained, Bike was set by Mike, completely new position which resulted in lifetime PBs in 10 and 25 mile events and a significant increase in power output. Cannot recommend high enough.

Thanks Mike

I had heard good reviews about Mike at Velomotion, so when I was seeking advice about replacing my TT & Road bikes I went to him. He was extremely helpful and his knowledge is amazing. He re-fitted my current TT bike and I went on to win Silver in the ETU duathlon.

I thoroughly recommend him!

Over the last year Mike has fitted my current road bike, my TT bike, and advised me on the purchase of a new road bike, including aspects which aren't directly fit related.

I am delighted with the outcome. With the optimal fit cycling has become even more pleasurable and, competitively, I've exceeded my season's triathlon goals by some distance, where the bike is my strength.

Mike takes the time to listen and understand your needs, and then his application of technology combined with his knowledge and eye is impressive to see in action. Plus as a side benefit it's very enjoyable experience chatting on all things cycling!

I happily recommend Mike's services to others, and I've heard back that they've had a very similar experience.

I was looking to spend some money on a new bike so decided to go for a more comprehensive bike fit and that’s exactly what Mike gave me. He was very professional, thorough, and explained everything very clearly. It was nice to have an impartial veiw on things. After getting set up on my new bike and a few miles under my belt it was clear that Mike’s work and expertise had paid off. The few issues I had previous to bike fit where resolved and cycling is now much more enjoyable. I will not hesitate to return to Mike in the future to make sure I’m where I need to be on the bike. Would highly recommend a bike fit at Velomotion.

Went to visit Mike in order to get sized up for a new bike before purchase, had also been having a series of minor niggles since returning to cycling after a long lay off due to injury.

Not only was Mike able to help me decide on the best size of bike for me, but very quickly was able to identify that the injury had actually led me to seat myself offset to one side on the bike, causing the repeated niggling pains I'd been putting down to a lack of saddle time.

New bike fits me perfectly and by tweaking my position everything is 'square' again and all niggling pains are completely gone.

This was actually my third visit to Mike, after an original road bike fit years ago when I decided to start racing, plus a TT bike fit later when I decided to give that a go. Every time has been a great experience, and I've come away very comfortable that I'm in an optimal position for both performance and injury free riding. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any cyclist, and already have sent a number of friends and family members his way!

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