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Customer Feedback

I have had a number of bike fits with Mike. He is very knowledgeable, patient and really friendly.

Mike has helped me find the best, most efficient and comfortable position for Ironman racing and I find his fitting skills invaluable.

I was interested in getting a bike fit again after several years and Mike was highly recommended. I was contemplating doing a triathlon so he fitted some aero bars on my road bike to try out for a few weeks. The outcome of the fitting resulted in minimal changes however the advice and recommendations for a potential upgrade bike sometime in future is valuable. I have also been able to make good use of the clip on aero bars I purchased.

I had a couple of bike fit sessions with Mike when trying to achieve a more aero position for triathlon.

In the first session we considered changes to my road bike set up versus looking at a TT bike. I decided on the latter and Mike gave lots of time and advice on options, and then having narrowed the list down helped with frame sizing for each.

Once the new bike arrived Mike quickly transferred my road dynamics over and then went about tweaking and maximising the set up for racing.

Mike offers a great, attentive service and shares his own knowledge and experience to help his customers. Delighted with my set up, Mike even recommended a mechanic to sort the final details. Most importantly though - the fit has certainly lead to a quicker bike leg when racing and a more aero and yet sustainable racing position.

I’d been putting off getting a bike fit for years when I had a good recommendation from a friend for Mike. I was really impressed with the setup and detail that Mike went into. Since I’ve had the fit I’ve never been more comfortable on my bike, and have been back to him again recently with a new bike to make sure it’s set up from day one.

Wish I’d done this much sooner and would definitely recommend Mike!

Mike has been able to make small adjustments over a number of months to get my position longer and lower and more aggressive for racing, without causing pain or injury.

Following my visits I have won my first circuit race, achieved my Cat 3 license and knocked over 30 seconds off my best 10mile time trial time.

He has been a continual source of advice during bike and equipment purchases, allowing me to discount many makes and models that would no longer fit me and my style of riding. Mike comes highly recommended.

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