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Customer Feedback

Hands down the best fitting I have had for a tri bike. Or any bike. Very patiently answered all my questions. Listened to all my requests/issues with the previous fit. Great fit achieved using quite an unexpected position on the bike. Plenty of long hours on the turbo right after the fit and it felt perfect. Going back with my next tri and road bikes to get fitted!

Having bought a time trial bike, but was very very uncomfortable on it, leading to discomfort and lack of power. Having taken it to see Mike at Velomotion, it is now feeling like a brand new machine. Mike took the time to address my pain points and fix them. As the bike needed a cockpit which was rather difficult to source, Mike helped me with that part too. Having raced again post fit, my Normalised Power was 30 Watts up and I gained 25 seconds on my usual 10m TT.

As a lifelong cyclist finally able to spend more time with the bike in retirement a bike fit with Mike was recommended by my two cycling sons, particularly as back pain was frustrating my efforts.

Mike combined a professional approach with effective use of technology to identify issues and remedial actions to address them. The result - more comfortable riding and excellent advice on exercises to manage the back issues.

I look forward to getting back on the track when the pandemic restrictions permit.

Highly recommended and well worth a long trip.

Not long after getting into cycling all very late in my life , I was advised and also read a lot about how important it was to have a good Bike fit so that you are as comfortable as you can be on a Bike and at my age it was a high priority. Velomotion was recommended and Mike did not disappoint. He was very thorough, professional and confident and sorted me out on both summer and winter bikes. Six years into my cycling I needed a more comfortable but still Sporty bike and went back to Mike for help and advice. Again he did not disappoint. I had an up to date bike fit and from those readings Mike advised what new Bike would fit the bill and once purchased he would set me up on the new Bike.

I am now very happy with my cycling on my BMC. I would have no hesitation in recommending Velomotion for a bike fit that will not disappoint.

I have had the pleasure of completing two exhaustive bike fits with Mike for my last two triathlon bikes. In both cases, it has resulted in an increase of both my cycling performance and comfort on the bike. Mike is professional, reliable and he certainly has an extensive experience to fully understand the riders needs as every fit is unique.

His dedication, commitment and attention to every detail is next level and I came away having not only the confidence that I had the correct bike fit, but I also learnt so much about myself, my body position and how to improve my flexibility and mobility.

Knowing that all of the components are in the right place with the right dimensions and systematically fine-tuned, I can focus purely on riding which is what every cyclist dreams of.

Mike is thorough, professional and incredibly knowledgeable! Highly recommended. An absolute find. Thanks Mike!

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