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Mike came highly recommended by friends who had both used him and I’m exceptionally thankful for that! From the outset, Mike was very helpful, flexible and a great guy to talk to. He was thorough with his questioning and assessment before even stepping on the bike and made me feel at ease during a process that I’ve experienced to be an odd one with past fits.

His suggestions were invaluable, making minor yet hugely beneficial changes that allowed me to ride without pain and with more power, for longer.

I recommended Mike to a friend, who I know had the same experience.

Many thanks, Mike!!

Patience of a saint, took the time to listen, tweak and tweak again until both of us satisfied.

Kindly lent equipment so I could ‘road test’ to ensure what appeared to be right in theory was right out on the road. Sorted tri bike out and am happily riding along now more aero than before for sure.

Came up with excellent suggestion for a road bike frame that I would suit my dimensions etc from a brand that I would not have considered.

Money & time well spent.

I was recommended to go to Mike a few years ago and I've used his fit service several times since. I'm always impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his attention to detail during the session. Last year Mike also helped me with sizing and setup of a new bike, working directly with my local bike shop to make sure I got exactly the right size in frame/bars/cranks. Much appreciated, thanks Mike.

I highly recommend Mike. His work is so much needed and it changes the way you cycle for the better. He is also very knowledgable about cycling, so you leave the bike fit with lots of advice too. Thank you very much Mike.

My bike fitting was bought for me by my cycling mates based on the fact that I always liked the idea but didn’t think I was a good enough rider to justify it!

Having the bike fit and having my cycling taken seriously was a superb change of mindset and both exciting and relaxing.

I have a lovely carbon bike and nice that it fits properly. I feel as if we fit together properly. The riding is much more comfortable - no stiff neck or sore wrists anymore and I genuinely feel more confident in every aspect of my riding so all in all it was very good value.

Thank goodness I have such generous friends!

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