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Customer Feedback

My bike fit with Velomotion saw me through a season of racing with a comfortable and aerodynamically optimised position. It was great to also receive several helpful bike maintenance tips. The in depth fitting report, sent to me after the appointment, was also very handy - allowing me to accurately mimic my ideal bike measurements on a hire bike during my holiday.

Mike's consultation was recommended by a fellow BCC member and ride buddy, following "investment" in a new carbon summer bike. If you are going to get a little more serious and a decent bike, you might as well make sure it fits well! Mike's investigation, diagnosis, and treatment (of the bike and me) were top class. Definitely worth taking winter bike along to be aligned as closely as possible. Rides now are more comfortable, and backed by the confidence that they are as efficient as possible - performance is now the reponsibility of the rider!

I couldn't recommend Mike at Velomotion enough. Although there are many local bike fit studios in my area I still would recommend Velomotion. Mike is extremely welcoming and relaxed and gets you involved in the bike fit. He is incredibly thorough in his work and will ensure that he can give you the best service. He spent almost a whole day on my TT to help me set it up and get it fitted into a comfortable position for me. He also is easy to contact with any queries you may have. I had lots of issues finding the correct seat for my road bike and he was very patient and informative. I now send all my friends in his direction because he is knowledgable and skilled in his craft.

After a couple of years without a bike fit I was looking for someone to help set up my race and training bikes for long distance time trials. Mike came highly recommended by Ceri at Twenty3C and for good reason. He took care to find out what I needed before he started and then methodically moved things around and got me to try things I hadn't, and generally left me more able to make good progress with the miles as you do.

I was having extreme comfort issues with my bike that I had been experiencing since I bought it.

I had put up with this for sometime until I started training for an Ironman. The extra time in the saddle meant I had to get a fit done.

Mike came highly recommended from a friend. I didn't know what to expect.

Mike set me up with a tri bar and seat and adjusted the bike to fit.

After about 4 weeks the pain in my bum carried on. I went back to Mike, got a new seat fitted and haven't looked back.

The bike is extremely comfortable and my power output has increased.

I can't recommend a bike fit enough to anyone who may be unsure.

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