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I must admit I'm not one for writing reviews but after 4 bike fits with Mike I thought it was about time to put pen to paper.

Prior to meeting Mike, I had visited many bike fitting outfits with varying success, some were OK, but I never really came away thinking that they had hit the nail on the head or I had spent my hard earned cash wisely.

With Mike it was different, he is very professional in his approach but at the same time easy to communicate with and fully explains what he is doing. You never feel that he is rushing and leaves plenty of time to iron out all those issues you may have. He is also happy to give back up if you have any questions after the session.

Highly recommended, will be returning (when I can afford a new bike)

I had back and fitment issues for years and so went to see Mike and after just 2 visits, one for which bike would be a good fit for me and a return visit for the actual fit

Three months down the road and absolutely no issues.

Recommend Mike every time, great guy.

I planned to buy a nice aero road bike but wanted to be absolutely sure I was going to spend my money on something that suited me. I booked in for Mike's "Pre-Purchase" plan and was very happy I did. Not only did Mike validate the fit on my old bike (and tweak the saddle) but also ran through the various bike options on various websites discussing which ones would fit me best.

Upon delivery of my new bike Mike finalised the fit and its without a doubt perfect.

Buying an expensive bike with the knowledge that you know it's going to fit certainly removes any worries from the process. I'd recommend seeing Mike first for anyone thinking about doing the same thing.

Really great working with Mike on a pre and post purchase of a Ridley.

His attention to detail and ability to work with the smallest tweaks across the bike really made a difference in terms of comfort and straightening out my back and stance.

The fact that he's a nice guy to chat to and spend a few hours with also makes the whole experience worth while and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering riding comfortably.

Good work sir!

A friend recommended Mike as I'm training for Ironman distance tri and wanted to make sure I had the best possible bike fit as would be spending a fair bit of time in the saddle and needed some tri bars fitting!! Mike is superb, very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. I would highly recommend!

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