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Customer Feedback

I came to see Mike after having issues with my hip flexors when riding my TT bike. I was recommended by my coach and other bike fitters as Mike is highly regarded as a top fitter. We went through a range of physio assessments looking at hip, quad and glute flexibility. I was given some advice on flexibility work to do at home.

I was able to solve my hip flexor issue whilst maintaining a sustainable aero position. At 198cm I’ve always struggled with beating the wind. Mike was a pleasure to work with and really knows his stuff! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fit as I know they would get looked after well and come out extremely happy with the results!

I went to Mike following a recommendation for a pre-purchase and then post-purchase bike fit. His recommendations and adjustments have been spot on, and his manner is incredibly friendly. His knowledge was very impressive and would recommend to anyone. Definitely money well spent.

I have had two different bikes fitted by Mike. Unfortunately an accident meant that I needed to buy a replacement bike and I didn’t hesitate to ask Mike for his opinion about my replacement frame, wheels etc. Mike is honest, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and you will benefit massively from knowing that your bike is as well set up as possible. This will stand you in good stead no matter what discipline you enjoy and I’m sure he will help you avoid those niggles that poor fitting tend to produce later in life. It’s worth every penny!

I was in the market for a new bike, being 6ft 3” I was unsure regarding the bike sizing and geometry I required for a TT bike. This was completely alien to me as I was relatively new to the sport. Velomotion was very professional in the way the assessment and fitting was conducted. Mike has a wealth of knowledge which was brilliant to tap into on advice, experience and know how on various aspects of the sport. The fitting details and explanation on each aspect was extremely valuable to me as I was able to understand reasons for certain adjustments. The content of the fitting report was comprehensive. Once I had brought my bike, Mike and I fitted it to me to the closest mm.

I was super new to road cycling when I went to see Mike for a bike fit after reading online how it could help in a number of ways as I was getting number fingers and a bit of knee pain. I would recommend anyone that is serious about their cycling to go and get a bike fit as it is amazing what a difference even the most subtle changes can make on your performance and comfort.

I am about to go back for another bike fit as I have just got a second bike and although you can use the information provided in the first fit, the detail Mike goes into and just the fact he spends so much time making sure everything is dialled in as much as possible is worth every penny.

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