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Velomotion News (Aug, 2012)

Liz Blatchford Wins Boulder 70.3

Posted on August 6th, 2012 by Mike Smith

All3Motion sponsored athlete Liz Blatchford yesterday won Boulder 70.3 in her first Non-drafting race since missing out on olympic selection. After leading out the swim, Liz lost a little time on the bike to Leanda Cave to come into T2 a couple of minutes back but then had a great run to win in 4.07.48. Once she gets a bit more strength on the bike after moving up distances combined with the swim and run speed she has....who knows! Report below.

Barefoot running: The truth behind the myth

Posted on August 2nd, 2012 by Mike Smith

“If you think running is a fad, then it’s a two-million-year-old fad.” Daniel Lieberman, PhD.

Running without shoes may at first sound like an alien experience having become so used to the stability of modern footwear, but according to experts, barefoot running provides the ultimate freedom and is in fact the answer to minimising injury.

The growth in popularity of barefoot running is largely down to the belief that modern running shoes inhibit the bodies natural biomechanics and contribute to those injuries which they are marketed to avoid.