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I’ve had a lot of bike fits but I think Mike has given me my best fit. He gave the right balance between comfort and race position ‘long low’, and I’ve now got a great race position but is comfortable for when I am training. The availability for sessions is great as well. Highly recommend.

Thanks Oli

I decided to book a bike fit to try and improve comfort and power for the bike leg of a full distance triathlon I had booked in 2020.

Mike suggested a new saddle and aero bars that I was able to purchase on the spot, as well as various adjustments to my road bike. I have been very pleased with the results.

I have so far been unable to test the bike in a race environment, although I'm sure I've been one of the most aero Zwift users this year!

Highly recommended.

I have had all three of my bikes fitted by Mike and would never contemplate taking a new bike out now without visiting Velomotion for a bespoke fitting.

I have also recently changed my saddle choice, as recommended by Mike, which has transformed my riding!

Mike has also put me in touch with a bike mechanic, who is on a similar level, top class!

I couldn't honestly recommend Mike highly enough!

After struggling with my riding position for some time, Mike was recommended to me by my local bike shop. I can honestly say that my cycling experience has completely changed. I can now do much longer distances happily and comfortably.

I found the bike fit for my two bikes to be done by Mike in a simple clear way. It also gave me a great understanding of the process and the mechanics behind my riding position which was excellent! Could not recommend him highly enough!

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